Brand development for The White Room
Brand development for Collar Seasons
Brand refresh for Body Awakening
Invest Hong Kong Brand Refresh
Logo design for Eve Bistro
Logo refresh for Mappa
Brand development for Arbitrage
Logo design for Smile Center
Visual Design for BritCham Hong Kong
Brand refresh for Fung Group PMD
Logo refresh for revamp New Forest Restaurant
Logo design for Caffair
Red wine label design for Kookavale
Logo development for Sila Jewel
Brand development for Cilicone
Pernod Ricard Elite club luxury brochure
Brand development for ShiDa Casha restaurant
Gift box design for Mandarin Oriental
Award winning business card design for Jeppe Hein
Emblem logos design

Waking the Inner Soul

Body Awakening is a premium, food-based supplement company founded in 2012. The former logo is decent and minimal, but forgettable. The current logo stands out in a crowd. I used only geometric shapes to compose the logo; the outer circle implies protecting our bodies, and the inner circle implies the mind and soul connection to the body. In the logo text, I used two tick symbols to create a “W.” Most people recognize check marks as positive, so the check marks suggest that this company and product is good for your overall health.

A Simple Digital Map

My relationship with Mappa System Ltd. Started in 2005. They provide Information Technology (IT) services and solutions, mainly in GPRS mapping systems. Established in 1996, the old logo was outdated and not stylish anymore, so we did a makeover. The current logo combines the initial “M” and a digital fold-map. I used Tech Blue as the primary colour with orange as an accent that draws consumers’ attention.

Women Power

Women’s organizations in Hong Kong that strive for gender equality. The new logo using the character E as a focus point, like wide open arms embracing each other.

The Scent of Baking

Bake Dishes specialises in healthy, non-processed baked food. The former logo conveyed the restaurant name, New Forest Restaurant, and their signature colours. In the new logo, one can literally see the silhouette of a “baked dish,” and the signature colours with the orange “aroma” as a focal point. I also integrated a tree and the distinct branch-like Chinese characters. The simple, strong logo is directly relevant to New Forest Restaurant.

Gentlemen with Collars

Collar Seasons started their made-to-measure shirt and suit shop in 1996. From the perspective of two decades ago, the logo is elegant and classy. For this modern world, where we are assaulted by visual stimuli every day, Collar Seasons needed to update their logo. The concept is straight forward emphasizing a collar in their logo. Consumers have no question what kind of company Collar Seasons is with the new logo. I simply utilised the double “L” similarity to a shirt and placed a collar on top. The logo is elegant, and the provided services organically create a pleasing visual.

Fast forward the career

PMD (The Program for Management Development) is a talent acquisition and management development program since 2011, Fung Group providing a chance for candidates to boost up their career with different aspect of trainings. The logo was inspired from a fast forward icon, that we usually can see on music / movie control interface, a very common and well recognised symbols for year. The old logo was not eligible to say it’s a logo at all, only the composition of words.

My Perspective on
 Logo Developments

All logos should have stories behind them. When I develop a logo, the first question I ask myself is “What product or service elements can I incorporate?” The next question is “How can I keep the logo simple, sleek, and include an  elemental object?” Creating an attractive and meaningful logo is always a challenge, but with my 18 years of graphic- and logo-development experience, I welcome and overcome challenges. As an artist, I view logo creation as an artistic puzzle that I need to solve by amalgamating specific elements into an attractive graphic.

I’m happy to share my 20 years of logo development with brief explanations. My explanations may help you understand how artists create logos.

A + Arrow + Pyramid

Arbitrage is a real estate agency in Athens. The logo integrates an arrow and pyramid. The upward-pointing arrow implies fast growth and upward mobility; the pyramid with its strong, wide base conveys trust and dependability, which are two essential elements to a property agency’s brand.

Teeth + Star

Smile Centre is a teeth-whitening clinic in the heart of the Hong Kong’s Central District. The logo is comprised of three stars, using the negative space to suggest white teeth. Stars, like the check marks I used in Body Awakening, are a universally positive symbol; the stars also convey a pure, white smile with sparkling teeth and total customer satisfaction.

GP + Butterfly + Knot

Gordon Parenting is an education centre that provides parenting advice. The logo is composed of a butterfly and a knot, which represent the freedom of learning and the family bond respectively. Two simple colours, pink and blue, suggest the foundational bond between mother and father.

C + Coffee cup + Porter filter + Shield

Caffair is a coffee machine importer. The logo combines the C-shape (Caffair, coffee, cup) and a shield. The shield reinforces the strong, durable products for which Caffair is known. The negative space is in a way an optical illusion because one can discern both a coffee tool and full coffee cup. The muted orange and yellow colours complement the brown and focus on the coffee tool and cup shape.

S + Ancient coins

Sinocap is a funding investment company in Hong Kong. The logo not only has the “S” shape but also two intertwined ancient Chinese coins, which are thought to bring good fortune.

M + Digital Fold Map

Mappa is an Information Technology (IT) Service and Solutions company that focuses on GPRS mapping. The logo is simple and sleek. An “M” is visible within a digital fold map.

Logo showcase videos

Since some of my clients and potential clients are curious about how my logo-design process works, from conceptual ideas to a finished product, I created two videos explaining and illustrating my process with previous logos. These videos depict my creative philosophy and methodology.

About me


I’m Alan Lee, a senior art director based in Hong Kong. My portfolio is an eclectic mix of national and international clients from all around the world, creating logos and brand identities for companies of all sizes. Having worked on several international design projects since 2004, I’ve gained an in-depth understanding of global design concepts.


As a senior art director

Since year 2015, I partnered with X2 Creative Ltd, positioned as Senior Art Director, oversee the creative of 3 designers and 2-6 freelancers. My duty is to maintain the overall artwork quality, as well as communicate with account and project team, make sure the balance between clients and the work loads.

Managing team and my own workload is always the biggest challenge to me. When team is in full house, I’m always get the job done myself even something not supposed to be done by me. But this is the way to maintain the workload balance, even though things are overwhelming sometimes.




39th Creativity Annual Awards – Sliver

Category: Business Card

42th Creativity International Awards – Gold

Category: Design Single –
Consumer Product Design

The Communicator Award 2013

Category: Logo Design

International Design Awards 10 – Second Prize

Category: Sportwear – Professional / Men

2017 Kam Fan Awards – Silver

Category: Print

2017 OneShow China – Bronze

Category: Print

The Communicator Award

Category: Marketing collateral


Logo design

Will come with 3 options in the initial set of layouts and take 7 to 10 working days to get the first layout set.  I provide unlimited revisions because from my experience, 5 to 8 revisions are necessary the make the logo perfect. Stationery-set designs, like business cards, letterheads, and envelopes are optional.

Branding guideline development

This is 3-Tier Scale Branding Guideline:

  1. Simple Guideline – Comes with logo structure, exclusive zone, colour palette, and font.
  2. Standard Guideline – Comes with two parts: basic logo structure and a logo applications’ mock-up like stationery set.
  3. Complete Guideline – Comes with 3 elements: basic logo structure;  logo applications with mock-up stationery and 3D packaging; and an online applications mock-up

Packaging and graphic Design

  • Any product packaging design with 2D and 3D mock-up will provide diecut artwork for production use.
  • Any printing materials like posters, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, tend cards, etc.

Get in touch

I would love to hear from you. I am open to any opportunity and welcome challenges. I am interested in various positions: freelancing, partnership, and permanent staff. I am confident that my work is quality because I have never had a dissatisfied client. I work with clients until they are 100% satisfied.

Tel: +852 9777 1550

12A, Wing Cheong Comm. Building,

19-25 Jervois Street, Central, Hong Kong

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